Aristocratic Paintings

One day I went with my parents at the castle of Bastardina, a golf club. There, my parents were going to participate in a competition and I, not interested at that time in this sport, got plenty of time to spend alone between the club house and the adjacent castle.1859954646

Within the complex, specifically in the tea room that day were an exposition of various paintings belonging to an artist whose name escapes me. Those paintings anyway remained imprinted in my memory in the following years, until today. They represented animals in anthropomorphic poses and clothes and all in rather aristocratic appearance. There were dogs and cats,  horses, and various types of birds. The historical element and aristocratic subjects, as well as the location of the exhibition, had always suggested to me imaginary journeys often set in XV° century Lombard. Attached to my hometown, Milan, one of the most prominent personality of the period mentioned may be for sure Francesco Sforza. Famous is his portrait in profile.

So here is what, with the precious Photoshop, I also made to put myself in his person.

Francsesco_Sforza PeluccoSforza

Lokino da Svitto – Portrait of Pelucco Sforza (oil on wood – 1453)



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