An hypothetical magazine article

In the field of graphic design we also juggles with the layout. I imagined how it could be the layout of a hypothetical editorial article in a magazine. But I had to invent everything from scratch! Water, drought, technologies, people … That’s it! A magazine that speaks of engineering technologies and people in the field […]


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Aristocratic Paintings

One day I went with my parents at the castle of Bastardina, a golf club. There, my parents were going to participate in a competition and I, not interested at that time in this sport, got plenty of time to spend alone between the club house and the adjacent castle. Within the complex, specifically in […]

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A post to say “Hi!”

Every designer should have its own piece of paper, virtual or not, a sort of personal agenda, with which share impressions, emotions, inspiration and – why not? – Creations. My name is Luca and I am an italian graphic designer based in Zürich, Switzerland. With this blog, I’d like to open a window on my […]

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